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'That slot machine is hot' – we've all heard the saying down the pub or in a casino, or even posted on web forums by online slot gamers. However, can slot machines really become 'hot' and more likely to win than normal? Check out the thoughts on the affects of chance and probability on the payout chance of slots………..

Slots – random luck?

According to logic, slots machines deliver totally random spin results every time you make a play. Slots are powered by random number software, and essentially that means the games contains millions of numbers – with each number triggering a specific icon and feature (for example, maybe the code 214234 = 777 and 8974 = x5 free spins).

You can imagine, with millions of potential combos firing every second – you really could hit the jackpot or zero! However, what is guaranteed is that despite the random nature of slots, high quality games are guaranteed to pay out big jackpots and average payout ratios well over 90%.

Now, it's obvious that sometimes you get lucky and have hot winning spins and slot sessions – while other times it's hard to get a single win. This would tend to suggest that machines do indeed get hot and cold. What's more, there is some scientific or mathematical theory behind this concept.

For example, the Andrucci principle says that during random events, you can always find patterns of order. If this is indeed true, then logic dictates that slots could get locked into specific number patterns – both winning ones and losing ones! Of course, developers will probably claim that this is impossible, but slots are a random environment so other experts will disagree and tell you it's totally possible.

The one problem slot gamers have is knowing when a machine might genuinely be 'lucky' or 'unlucky' – something that's as subjective as the concept of lucky slot machines itself. However, it may make sense to stop playing machines that are failing to win after a cycle of spins, and equally you could be crazy to stop playing a machine that appears to be paying out more than average.

However, what's not such a good idea is to raise your spin values on hot machines and vice versa – because there's certainly no way of predicting when the fortune's of the slots may change, and equally you could strike a jackpot on an apparently cold machine!

In reality, the debate will always range over the subject of 'hot slots', but whether it's pure chance or real science – all regular gamers know the truth; sometimes, the slot gods are just with us! 
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